Monday, November 10, 2008

I Told Mommy to go to the Game

Mommy has been sad all week long but I told her that she should go to the game -- it would make her feel better. It did. USC beat CAL 17-3. Next week is an away game and Mommy is staying home to spend the weekend with me (and save $). Being unemployed makes Mommy cranky. But I like having her around all the time.

Monday, November 3, 2008

This is a most sad day for Mommy and Me

Mommy had to do one of the hardest things ever today. Scruffy, my older sibling, had to be put down this afternoon. Scruffy was 13 years old and in poor health. The doctors and Mommy thought it was best for her not to suffer anymore. Mommy told me that she stayed with Scruffy the whole time, just like she did when I was in the hospital and had to have an operation.
Mommy looks so sad tonight. I licked her face all over and tasted salty water. It just keeps coming out. I think I will lay down at her feet to let her know that I love her.
Mommy told me all about Scruffy.
Scruffy joined the family 13 years ago, after being rescued from an animal shelter. She was scheduled to be euthanized that evening and was rescued by friends. My family adopted her a few days later because their dogs didn't get along. We believe that Scruffy was a Wheaton Terrier/Chow mix. She was blonde and very beautiful, with chocolate brown eyes and a big, black, wet nose. Mommy's human children were 7 and 4 when Scruffy joined the family. So, she was a part of their lives long before I ever was. Mommy tells me that Scruffy used to bark all the time -- in fact, she'd bark if someone was considering a trip to California! Everything made her bark. Oh, and she loved to cuddle up on feet, too. Scruffy was a special dog in many ways. I think that she believed that she was a guard dog. Although I didn't think she looked too tough.
Before I joined the family, Scruffy had another sibling, Freckles. Freck-man was a cocker spaniel and was much beloved by the family. One night, Scruffy and Freckles decided to go out on an adventure back when they lived in Indiana. Scruffy came home, but Freckles was hit by a car and Mommy found him along the road. She was very sad. She told me the whole family was sad. The good news is, Scruffy and Freckles can now play together in Heaven. Because there has to be a Heaven for dogs.
When I met Scruffy, she was getting old. She was 11 when I came to live with Mommy. I don't think Scruffy liked me too much at first, but eventually we got along okay. We didn't play too much together. Scruffy used to steal my toys, my bones and my food on occasion. But, all in all, she was okay. I will miss her a lot.
I think that Mommy will miss her even more.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Homecoming was a BLAST for Mommy!

Mommy went to her alma mater, USC yesterday for something she calls Homecoming. Mommy usually calls me to come "home" -- but I don't get homecomings...No, wait, Mommy informs me that I do get treats when I come home -- so I guess that is a Homecoming!

Mommy met all of her USC friends at her school. Here is a picture of Kela, one of my boy's best friends with my Mommy. It was her 30th college reunion (for her undergraduate degree-thingy). They hung out and apparently ate and drank quite a bit before going over to the Coliseum for the game. It rained and even thunderstormed before the game started. Everybody got soaked. So did I, because it rained on me at our house. I had to stay outside but I hid under the bushes so I wouldn't get too wet. So, Mommy told me that the game was a rout -- they beat the Huskies (those DOGS) 56-0. Mommy likes those kinds of games because she can relax and enjoy the game. USC has an expression, "Leave No Doubt." I like that -- I never leave ANY doubt when I bark, poop, pee, and play!!!

Now for the bad news, my sibling, Scruffy, is not feeling well. She is very, very old now. Scruffy is having a hard time with her hips and back legs and now her front paw is hurt. She can't walk and looks so sad. I sleep next to her because if I do, I might make her feel better. Mommy says she is going to take Scruffy to the vet tomorrow. I hope she gets better.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mommy's Fabulous Weekend in AZ (I stayed home)

So, Mommy got to go on a mini-break. Boo hoo. Scruffy and I had to stay home. SHE got to go to the USC-Arizona game in Tucson while we were stuck in the backyard. Mommy has ALL the fun. She left on Friday morning with some guy -- I didn't get the chance to check him out. Mommy says they are friends. They drove over to Phoenix and picked up another friend -- and partied. I bet that she got a little tipsy, too! In fact, I am sure they all did, knowing they all went to USC together. On Saturday morning they drove to Tucson and then had lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Mommy says she drank margaritas and taught her friends all about good sipping tequila. I've never tried good sipping tequila. Mommy tells me that Don Julio is quite good. They drove over to the game and partied beforehand.

Mommy told me the game was pretty wild. The defense did its job, well. The offense sputtered. I don't know WHAT that means but she told me that the team didn't move the ball well. They should have me on the team -- I can run with the ball like nobody's business!!! Without me, they beat AZ 17-10. With me on the team, it would have been 42-10! Woof! Fight On!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mommy's Nights Out

Mommy went to her party and had a good time. She did get to meet James, the man that plays EJ in the box where people move around and talk. (I bark at the box.) Mommy only had a moment to chat with him, which disappointed her. However, she had a great time making friends with other people and talked to people about possible work. So, that's GOOD. Mommy got home late on Thursday so we really didn't get much time together.

Today, Mommy spent some quality time with me. She told me that I stunk and that I required a bath. She planned on doing it but then got busy on the phone and doing stuff on her laptop-thingy. I was spared the indignity of a bath. Thank Dog. Well, that didn't last long. Because we went over to see Sam and Lucy, Gabrielle and Bill and Leslie tonight. Guess what. Uncle Bill said HE would bathe me. I tried to squirm and get away, but alas, Bill caught me and he unceremoniously dumped me into the tub and turned on the water. GASP. Then, he used this stuff called soap to wash me. Mortifying. All the work I had put into making myself dirty. Wasted. Needless to say, Mommy wasn't happy on Thursday and I wasn't happy on Friday.

Boo hoo.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mommy is Going to a Party Next Week and I Can't Go

Mommy has informed me that she is going to a party next Thursday. She is going to meet the man in this photo. Mommy says his real name is James but when I see him inside the box that has the people in it they call him EJ. Go figure. James never has a dog with him in the box but here's a picture that shows he has a dog. So, he can't be all bad. Actually, I'd like to meet her, she's kinda cute. I hear that we go to the same dog park. Who knows, a beagle can dream. I don't know what my girlfriend, Lucy, would say....but what she doesn't know.....WOOF!
When I was very sick Mommy and I watched James' show together. Mommy was very sad, this man, EJ, made her laugh and even giggle. I love it when Mommy laughs. It makes me wag my tail. Back then, I didn't feel too much like wagging my tail. I am just glad that he made my Mommy happy. If I ever meet him, I'll wag my tail for him.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This Beagle is Busy

Boy, Mommy has been busy and I haven't been able to get any posts done this week. She went to the USC game last weekend. Thank DOG that the Trojans won this time. Mommy would have been unbearable had those stupid Ducks won the game. I do not know how ducks can play with a football. Beyond me.
Mommy came home happy -- she got tickets from a friend for the upcoming games -- Arizona State, Washington and Cal. The only game she doesn't have a ticket for is Notre Dame. But, I hope she gets one.

Mommy has been neglecting me. She tells me I need another bath. I do NOT want another bath. She works 2 days a week now as a volunteer for Project Hollywood Cares and Aids Project Los Angeles. So, she says she doesn't have time right now.

The job market is very bad right now and Mommy still hasn't found a job. She is trying to keep her spirits up. It's hard for her. She likes to be busy and when she isn't -- she gets sad. However, I try very hard to keep her happy by giving her lots and lots of cuddles. I think she likes it.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Dream Season Has Died

Mommy came home last night and she was very, very unhappy. Her USC Trojans lost up at Oregon State last night. Mommy gave me lots of hugs. She looked so sad that I licked her face. I brought her toys to cheer her up. Nothing worked. So, I spent the night cuddling her. She woke up feeling a little better. However, the drivel on her show also made her crazy. She keeps calling somebody a strumpet. She is a blonde woman inside the box where people move around. Silly Mommy.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tommy Trojan Says USC wins BIG over Ohio State WOOF!

Oh, Mommy came home so happy on Saturday night. While I was pretty mad that I didn't get to go to the game, she game so many lovely cuddles and rubbed my belly while I danced on the floor!
USC (the Trojans -- that team she likes so much) beat those icky Buckeyes, 35-3. She said it was a total smackdown. I guess that is a good thing!!!!
We spent Sunday pretty quietly -- no dog park but I did get to go on a nice walk. And, Mommy was happy because her Giants won their game, too. All in all a very good week in sports for her.
I sure wish I could go to a game with Mommy. I just know I could help them win the game! I am faster than any running back but I might have a hard time holding on to that football!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I enjoy great literature (please don't tell other male dogs, ok?)

Mommy caught me. I fell asleep reading one of her stories -- and I liked it! It has lots of romance (and I LOVE romance). In fact, I have a sweet Labrador girlfriend named Lucy....but I digress and a gentledog never tells.

I love good books -- sometimes I eat them. That makes Mommy mad at me, so I've learned it's better to read or sleep on them.

Until next time, Fight On!!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I am MOST internet savvy

Mommy sometimes lets me get on her laptop....Today I am checking out a website called, "Forbidden Love." No, it's not a porn site. I am too much of a gentledog to go for THAT sort of thing. No, this site is dedicated to some silly show that Mommy and I watch on the box where people move around and I can bark at them. Mommy is particularly fond of a couple of characters on the show. There's one that I like, too. She is very pretty and has blonde hair. Mommy seems to prefer the tall, dark and handsome fellow on the show. He's got a funny accent but she tells me he likes dogs so I guess he is OK. She has heard that he has a "naughty tongue" and calls him NTB (Naughty tongued Brit). I did bark at him once when he raised his voice to my favorite character. I sit on Mommy's lap and like to watch the show. It's something we do every day.
This week Mommy took me to the Beagle meet up at Laurel Canyon Dog park. We ended up playing with lots of dogs. I had a great time. I even met some dogs that look just like my sibling, Scruffy. We also went to lunch at a nice cafe on Melrose Avenue where they let dogs sit outside. I love to share meals with my Mommy. Although she seems to like this weird stuff, like salads and macrobiotical meals. I don't know WHY humans eat such stupid stuff. A good steak, that's what we need. I got to go window shopping with Mommy, too. I wanted to go in all the stores, but for some reason, Mommy would not let me. Boo hoo.
And, this weekend is the big Ohio State vs. USC game. I have to stay home. I wish I could go!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

May the Voice of Snoopy RIP

It is a sad day for Beagles and Beagle fans everywhere. Bill Melendez, the animator and voice of Snoopy, has passed away.,0,148485.story

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

USC Won its First Game 52-7 and is now #1

I am sitting here next to my Mommy. I would rather be napping but she says I need to update the blog, so here I am...

So here we go... Mommy and her humans are very happy. The Trojans won their first game (quite handily she tells me) against Virginia (wherever THAT is). Mommy took me out to Leslie and Bill's house so I could spend the afternoon cavorting with Lucy and Sam while the humans watched the people in the box run up and down the field with a ball. I don't like that ball because I can't hold it in my mouth!

Of course, I would rather play with my buds -- I have quite the crush on Lucy. She is a wild girl -- just my kind of bitch! I'd really like to spend some "alone" time with Lucy but I am missing vital parts to make labeagles or beagradors....whatever. We do run around the backyard and play pounce. Lucy is my best friend. I wish I could spend everyday with Lucy!

In 2 weeks, Mommy is going to the Ohio State game at someplace called the Coliseum. It's in LA. She is excited about the big game. I guess she's going to get all dressed up in her cardinal and gold....she'll probably make me wear it too. But, I can't go to the game. I sure wish I could!

Until next time, Fight ON!

Friday, August 29, 2008

The 2008 Football Season is About to Begin!

I can tell you that Mommy is most excited. Tomorrow USC starts to play football again. Mommy loves her USC Trojans -- so much so that I am named Tommy Trojan! Here's a picture of Mommy with her USC friends, she's the one on the right. And, here is a picture of the USC campus in Los Angeles.

Tomorrow's game is in someplace weird called Virginia. I don't know where it is. I just hope that the Trojans whomp those Cavaliers. I know I will get some good treats if they do.

Mommy and I are going to Uncle Bill and Aunt Leslie's for the game. Mommy is going to put some USC stuff on us both. She got Gabrielle (the tiny human) a little USC onesie so she will be properly attired for the game. I guess Mommy thinks that we should start getting kids into USC football young.

Okay, that's it for tonight. I am going to need a lot of sleep since Mommy will be a little nutty during the game tomorrow. She always barks a lot when the Trojans play!

Fight On!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

My Weekend Adventures!

Well, I must say that Mommy really knows how to show an extraordinary beagle (like me) a good time!

We went to the humans -- Bill and Leslie's house so I could hang out with Sam and Lucy (my favorite labs). Mommy wanted to hang out with the humans -- especially this little, tiny humay named Gabrielle. I'd never seen such a small human before! I got in a couple of good sniffs and even snuck a little kiss in....Gabrielle smells really good. And she seems to like me too since I am much closer to her size than her dog siblings, Sam and Lucy.
Mommy just loves to cuddle Gabrielle and sing to her. She keeps telling Gabrielle that she is "a pro" and that her parents are "'rookies." (Whatever THAT means.) I just know that Mommy likes to give lots of love and that's a good thing!
Now, my best adventure was on Sunday. Our beagle meeting was rescheduled to September 7. However, Mommy promised me a trip to Laurel Canyon so off we went! It was pretty hot on Sunday but I didn't mind. We got there and there were other dogs everywhere. I got to meet a lot of new four-legged friends. We gallivanted all through the dog park. Chase was a big game for us. As a highly social beagle, I visited many different groupings of the human and canine variety. The humans and dogs were friendly and I left the park after 4 hours of fun. I literally slept the whole way home.
Now, today Mommy is taking Scruffy and me to the vet. We aren't telling Scruffy, but she has to get shots today. Poor girl. And, Mommy is leaving us to get bathed. (Oh, the HORROR!) She seems to think we need to be clean. I do NOT understand this at all. But she is muttering something about the fleas in Orange County and our flea control meds aren't working.....
I'll blog again when I am all clean and handsome again!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mommy took me shopping today!

Mommy took me to the pet store today. She got me some dog food, some wonderful, yummy treats, and a brand new harness since we get to go out on walkies and walkabouts again. I got to spend a lot of time sniffing everything in the store. And, some nice human came over to pet and play with me while Mommy was using some plastic-thingy to take my stuff home.

Mommy tells me that I have to share this stuff with Scruffy, my sibling. I am NOT too thrilled about that. However, the doggie cheese twists, the lamb chewies and the rawhide bones are good and she definitely got enough for the two of us.

I am so excited. Mommy told me that on August 23, I get to go to a Beagle Party at Laurel Canyon dog park. I will be meeting up with all my buddies from the Hollywood Beagle Club. I am so excited. I haven't seen everyone since before my surgery. I hope that they don't look at my scar -- it isn't very nice. Scruffy has to stay home because she is old and doesn't like the dog park too much. (I think she prefers to hang out and sleep all the time.)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Visit with Lucy, Sam and Gabrielle

Oh boy! Mommy took me out on Friday night to see my friends. I got to go up to Long Beach to my friends' home. I hadn't seen my labrador friends in a long time (since before my operational- thingy). Lucy was very excited to see me and I was "very excited" to see her, too! Sam, well, Sam and I get along okay, but you see, I really like girl labradors....if you get my drift.

Mommy introduced me to this little tiny human, Gabrielle. She is much smaller than I am and she smelled very nice. Mommy likes to hold Elle in her arms a lot. I guess she likes tiny humans. Me, I prefer Lucy, however I did manage to get in a good sniff and a lick on Elle. She was cute.

Mommy was visiting her friends Bill and Leslie. Now that I am feeling a lot better, I hope she takes me with her when she visits them. She goes a lot now that Elle is here -- she likes litle humans.

Oh, and Mommy has promised me that she will take me up to Laurel Canyon THIS week. Now that I am all better I am allowed to go play in the park. I am soooooooo excited!

More on that next time!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Horrors! Mommy gave me a bath!

I am mad at Mommy. She gave me a bath today. I smelled so good and I worked so hard to get dirty. She had to go and undo all that. I don't understand WHY I have to be clean. I like being dirty!

Now, Mommy is trying to make it up to me. She gave me a brand new rawhide bone with real meat inside. It's pretty yummy but I would rather bury the bone outside. That way I can get dirty again!

Mommy wants me to watch the funny looking window with all the people in it. She calls it the Olympics. I just see people swimming in water and running around with a big ball in their hands. I wish I could bark and chase them!

Mommy has some new pictures of me snoozing....I think she is going to post them here.

I go for my check up on Thursday. I hope the doctor lets me go out and about again -- I am very, very tired of being stuck at home all the time. Dog park awaits me!

Until next time....woof!

Friday, August 1, 2008

My Stitches are Out!

Mommy and I are very happy. Yesterday I got my sutures out! I went to the hospital and the doctor told Mommy and me that I am doing well and need another two weeks before I can go out and hike and play in the dog park with other dogs.

I am so happy that Mommy lets me stay out of the crate for periods of time. She got me this thing called a Kong and fills it with yummy treats for me to eat. It helps me pass the time when I am crated. I get to lick the entire thing and then chew on it. I am glad that she got it for me.

Mommy told me that Sam and Lucy (my labrador friends) have a new sister. She is human and very small. Her parents haven't named her yet. I think they should name her Thomasina, after me...but they won't. Boo hoo. Mommy has left me every day since the baby was born. She gets to hold this little human for long periods of time and when she gets home she smells great. I get lots of sniff time.

Ok, that's it for tonight. Mommy is tired of typing and I am tired of telling her what to say.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Woo hoo -- my very first earthquake!

Well, that was fun! I was resting comfortably next to my Mommy on her bed today. She was working on something she calls her laptop. All of a sudden, the whole bed moved like some big labrador jumped up on the bed. But it wasn't! Mommy said it's an earthquake! She held me close by her while everything shook. I wasn't scared, but I did bark.

Scruffy, Zeta the Wonder Dog, and I are all OK. Oh, the cats are OK, too.

Sam and Lucy

I miss Sam and Lucy, my two Lab buddies. They live with Mommy's friends, Bill and Leslie. Mommy left me Sunday night to go visit them. Mommy tells me that Leslie is going to have something called a baby. And she is going to have it today.

So, Mommy left me all alone with Scruffy and Zeta the Wonder Dog on Sunday evening. She made us dinner and then said she was going to go make dinner for Bill, Leslie, Sam and Lucy. When she came home, she smelled so good! I could smell Sam and Lucy and got very excited. Mommy made me calm down. I guess she is still worried about me and my stitches.

In other good news, Mommy is FINALLY letting me up on her bed again. This is good because I miss cuddling with her. Mommy has been very silly, making me stay in my crate. I don't like it and I want to be social. Because we beagles are very social.

I can't wait to start taking long walks again. I miss them.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I went to see Dr. B today...

Mommy took me back to the hospital today for something called a check-up. I got to see a lot of doctors because they all think I am so cute. The nurse took my picture, too.

Dr. B told Mommy that my surgery was pretty difficult and that he had to do a lot of something called reconstruction. He was very worried about infection, but I am a strong beagle and I didn't get more sick.

Dr. B also told Mommy that I can go back to regular dog food which means I don't get poached chicken and rice anymore. Bummer. I liked it alot. He told her that I should only get a cup of food a day -- and that's NOT enough! Oh, and one more thing, Mommy has to give me benedryl for my itching. She bought some children's flavored cherry and it is YUCKY.

And, really bad news, I have to stay in my crate and be quiet for another two whole weeks. So, no going out to play with my friends or visiting the beach, or hiking in the mountains. I am NOT happy.

I go back to the doctor next week to get out the staples. Yippee!

Well, Mommy certainly acts happier now. I could tell she was really upset and worried about me.

That's it for today.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Dog's Life - the Story of George Tirebiter aka Snoopy

I want to tell you a nice story about my humans. This happened right before I got sick.

One night, these people, Mommy calls them neighbors, left a dog in the house. Yes, they opened the door and let this dog in! Mommy was out and the rest of the humans were upstairs. So, this dog, whom we didn't know, took up residence in the house. The humans discovered the dog a couple of hours later, sleeping on Polly's bed.

It was a big surprise for Zeeta, Scruffy and me. We had a new friend to play with! Mommy named him George Tirebiter since the dog had no tag. He had a nice leather collar, so we knew he had his own humans. Anyway, Mommy took a liking to "George" right away. She could tell he was trained because he knew his commands, just like me.

Mommy named him George Tirebiter because that's another USC mascot. That Mommy. She is silly about her USC Trojans.

Zeeta, Scruffy, and I were quite happy to let "George" stay with us however Mommy was sure he had his own home. So, they put up these things called signs all over, even advertised on the computer (Mommy calls it the "web.") But, no one came by for us to bark at.

Mommy suggested that we take the dog to the vet and check whether it was "chipped." Mommy says that I have one because I like to go on "walkabouts." I think they are runabouts, myself. Anyway, they took "George" to the vet (poor guy). When they arrived the humans knew exactly who he was and called him Snoopy! (Hey, isn't that a famous beagle?)

The story has a happy ending for the humans. Snoopy was reunited with his humans, 2 boys, aged 9 and 7 and a couple of grownups. We miss Snoopy but we are glad that he is home now.

Here's a picture of Snoopy.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I am getting better!

I am starting to feel like myself again. I am giving Mommy all kinds of trouble! First of all, she is NOT giving me enough food. I don't care if she is right. I am HUNGRY. And, I really like hamburger and rice. It's better than chicken and rice.

Mommy also makes me stay in my crate and be quiet. I bark and cry at her because I want OUT. The weather is nice and I want to take a long walk but she won't let me.

Mommy actually quoted EJ today, she said, "boo hoo" to me. That Mommy, I hope she doesn't turn into evil EJ. I like her better when she spoils me.

Oh, and Mommy went to the doctor yesterday. She didn't want to scare me but she found a lump in one of those nice pillows on her chest. Mommy told me she found it after she tripped on a tree trunk and bruised her pillow. It turns out it's something called a hematoma. I am glad she doesn't have to have an operationally-thingy like I did.

Mommy told me that I go to the doctor on Thursday morning for a check up. I really hope I can get out and play after that. I miss running around! And, I want more FOOD.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

July 21, 2008

Well, I have to tell you, Mommy has been terrific these past few days. She makes me poached chicken and rice and she hand feeds me 3 times a day....and get this, I get peanut butter 3 times a day on a spoon, no less! (I think she puts some yucky pills in the peanut butter, but I don't mind.)

That being said, I have to stay in my crate most of the time and I do not like it very much. I want to run around and play but Mommy won't let me. I have these staples that go all the way down my tummy. I want to scratch them soooooo much....I guess that's why I wear this silly lampshade on my head.

Mommy gets to drink scotch -- she should have the lampshade, not me.

Scruffy has been horrible to me. She wants my peanut butter and she wants my chicken and rice, too. She didn't get an operationally-thingy so she doesn't deserve it. Boo hoo.