Monday, November 3, 2008

This is a most sad day for Mommy and Me

Mommy had to do one of the hardest things ever today. Scruffy, my older sibling, had to be put down this afternoon. Scruffy was 13 years old and in poor health. The doctors and Mommy thought it was best for her not to suffer anymore. Mommy told me that she stayed with Scruffy the whole time, just like she did when I was in the hospital and had to have an operation.
Mommy looks so sad tonight. I licked her face all over and tasted salty water. It just keeps coming out. I think I will lay down at her feet to let her know that I love her.
Mommy told me all about Scruffy.
Scruffy joined the family 13 years ago, after being rescued from an animal shelter. She was scheduled to be euthanized that evening and was rescued by friends. My family adopted her a few days later because their dogs didn't get along. We believe that Scruffy was a Wheaton Terrier/Chow mix. She was blonde and very beautiful, with chocolate brown eyes and a big, black, wet nose. Mommy's human children were 7 and 4 when Scruffy joined the family. So, she was a part of their lives long before I ever was. Mommy tells me that Scruffy used to bark all the time -- in fact, she'd bark if someone was considering a trip to California! Everything made her bark. Oh, and she loved to cuddle up on feet, too. Scruffy was a special dog in many ways. I think that she believed that she was a guard dog. Although I didn't think she looked too tough.
Before I joined the family, Scruffy had another sibling, Freckles. Freck-man was a cocker spaniel and was much beloved by the family. One night, Scruffy and Freckles decided to go out on an adventure back when they lived in Indiana. Scruffy came home, but Freckles was hit by a car and Mommy found him along the road. She was very sad. She told me the whole family was sad. The good news is, Scruffy and Freckles can now play together in Heaven. Because there has to be a Heaven for dogs.
When I met Scruffy, she was getting old. She was 11 when I came to live with Mommy. I don't think Scruffy liked me too much at first, but eventually we got along okay. We didn't play too much together. Scruffy used to steal my toys, my bones and my food on occasion. But, all in all, she was okay. I will miss her a lot.
I think that Mommy will miss her even more.


Laura said...

I am sorry Tommy, give your mom some kisses and uddle close to her. She needs you very much.

happy said...

We're sorry to hear about Scruffy. Hugs to you and your mommy.

River said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Scruffy. We're sending beagle hugs to you and your family.

love & wags,