Monday, November 10, 2008

I Told Mommy to go to the Game

Mommy has been sad all week long but I told her that she should go to the game -- it would make her feel better. It did. USC beat CAL 17-3. Next week is an away game and Mommy is staying home to spend the weekend with me (and save $). Being unemployed makes Mommy cranky. But I like having her around all the time.

Monday, November 3, 2008

This is a most sad day for Mommy and Me

Mommy had to do one of the hardest things ever today. Scruffy, my older sibling, had to be put down this afternoon. Scruffy was 13 years old and in poor health. The doctors and Mommy thought it was best for her not to suffer anymore. Mommy told me that she stayed with Scruffy the whole time, just like she did when I was in the hospital and had to have an operation.
Mommy looks so sad tonight. I licked her face all over and tasted salty water. It just keeps coming out. I think I will lay down at her feet to let her know that I love her.
Mommy told me all about Scruffy.
Scruffy joined the family 13 years ago, after being rescued from an animal shelter. She was scheduled to be euthanized that evening and was rescued by friends. My family adopted her a few days later because their dogs didn't get along. We believe that Scruffy was a Wheaton Terrier/Chow mix. She was blonde and very beautiful, with chocolate brown eyes and a big, black, wet nose. Mommy's human children were 7 and 4 when Scruffy joined the family. So, she was a part of their lives long before I ever was. Mommy tells me that Scruffy used to bark all the time -- in fact, she'd bark if someone was considering a trip to California! Everything made her bark. Oh, and she loved to cuddle up on feet, too. Scruffy was a special dog in many ways. I think that she believed that she was a guard dog. Although I didn't think she looked too tough.
Before I joined the family, Scruffy had another sibling, Freckles. Freck-man was a cocker spaniel and was much beloved by the family. One night, Scruffy and Freckles decided to go out on an adventure back when they lived in Indiana. Scruffy came home, but Freckles was hit by a car and Mommy found him along the road. She was very sad. She told me the whole family was sad. The good news is, Scruffy and Freckles can now play together in Heaven. Because there has to be a Heaven for dogs.
When I met Scruffy, she was getting old. She was 11 when I came to live with Mommy. I don't think Scruffy liked me too much at first, but eventually we got along okay. We didn't play too much together. Scruffy used to steal my toys, my bones and my food on occasion. But, all in all, she was okay. I will miss her a lot.
I think that Mommy will miss her even more.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Homecoming was a BLAST for Mommy!

Mommy went to her alma mater, USC yesterday for something she calls Homecoming. Mommy usually calls me to come "home" -- but I don't get homecomings...No, wait, Mommy informs me that I do get treats when I come home -- so I guess that is a Homecoming!

Mommy met all of her USC friends at her school. Here is a picture of Kela, one of my boy's best friends with my Mommy. It was her 30th college reunion (for her undergraduate degree-thingy). They hung out and apparently ate and drank quite a bit before going over to the Coliseum for the game. It rained and even thunderstormed before the game started. Everybody got soaked. So did I, because it rained on me at our house. I had to stay outside but I hid under the bushes so I wouldn't get too wet. So, Mommy told me that the game was a rout -- they beat the Huskies (those DOGS) 56-0. Mommy likes those kinds of games because she can relax and enjoy the game. USC has an expression, "Leave No Doubt." I like that -- I never leave ANY doubt when I bark, poop, pee, and play!!!

Now for the bad news, my sibling, Scruffy, is not feeling well. She is very, very old now. Scruffy is having a hard time with her hips and back legs and now her front paw is hurt. She can't walk and looks so sad. I sleep next to her because if I do, I might make her feel better. Mommy says she is going to take Scruffy to the vet tomorrow. I hope she gets better.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mommy's Fabulous Weekend in AZ (I stayed home)

So, Mommy got to go on a mini-break. Boo hoo. Scruffy and I had to stay home. SHE got to go to the USC-Arizona game in Tucson while we were stuck in the backyard. Mommy has ALL the fun. She left on Friday morning with some guy -- I didn't get the chance to check him out. Mommy says they are friends. They drove over to Phoenix and picked up another friend -- and partied. I bet that she got a little tipsy, too! In fact, I am sure they all did, knowing they all went to USC together. On Saturday morning they drove to Tucson and then had lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Mommy says she drank margaritas and taught her friends all about good sipping tequila. I've never tried good sipping tequila. Mommy tells me that Don Julio is quite good. They drove over to the game and partied beforehand.

Mommy told me the game was pretty wild. The defense did its job, well. The offense sputtered. I don't know WHAT that means but she told me that the team didn't move the ball well. They should have me on the team -- I can run with the ball like nobody's business!!! Without me, they beat AZ 17-10. With me on the team, it would have been 42-10! Woof! Fight On!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mommy's Nights Out

Mommy went to her party and had a good time. She did get to meet James, the man that plays EJ in the box where people move around and talk. (I bark at the box.) Mommy only had a moment to chat with him, which disappointed her. However, she had a great time making friends with other people and talked to people about possible work. So, that's GOOD. Mommy got home late on Thursday so we really didn't get much time together.

Today, Mommy spent some quality time with me. She told me that I stunk and that I required a bath. She planned on doing it but then got busy on the phone and doing stuff on her laptop-thingy. I was spared the indignity of a bath. Thank Dog. Well, that didn't last long. Because we went over to see Sam and Lucy, Gabrielle and Bill and Leslie tonight. Guess what. Uncle Bill said HE would bathe me. I tried to squirm and get away, but alas, Bill caught me and he unceremoniously dumped me into the tub and turned on the water. GASP. Then, he used this stuff called soap to wash me. Mortifying. All the work I had put into making myself dirty. Wasted. Needless to say, Mommy wasn't happy on Thursday and I wasn't happy on Friday.

Boo hoo.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mommy is Going to a Party Next Week and I Can't Go

Mommy has informed me that she is going to a party next Thursday. She is going to meet the man in this photo. Mommy says his real name is James but when I see him inside the box that has the people in it they call him EJ. Go figure. James never has a dog with him in the box but here's a picture that shows he has a dog. So, he can't be all bad. Actually, I'd like to meet her, she's kinda cute. I hear that we go to the same dog park. Who knows, a beagle can dream. I don't know what my girlfriend, Lucy, would say....but what she doesn't know.....WOOF!
When I was very sick Mommy and I watched James' show together. Mommy was very sad, this man, EJ, made her laugh and even giggle. I love it when Mommy laughs. It makes me wag my tail. Back then, I didn't feel too much like wagging my tail. I am just glad that he made my Mommy happy. If I ever meet him, I'll wag my tail for him.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This Beagle is Busy

Boy, Mommy has been busy and I haven't been able to get any posts done this week. She went to the USC game last weekend. Thank DOG that the Trojans won this time. Mommy would have been unbearable had those stupid Ducks won the game. I do not know how ducks can play with a football. Beyond me.
Mommy came home happy -- she got tickets from a friend for the upcoming games -- Arizona State, Washington and Cal. The only game she doesn't have a ticket for is Notre Dame. But, I hope she gets one.

Mommy has been neglecting me. She tells me I need another bath. I do NOT want another bath. She works 2 days a week now as a volunteer for Project Hollywood Cares and Aids Project Los Angeles. So, she says she doesn't have time right now.

The job market is very bad right now and Mommy still hasn't found a job. She is trying to keep her spirits up. It's hard for her. She likes to be busy and when she isn't -- she gets sad. However, I try very hard to keep her happy by giving her lots and lots of cuddles. I think she likes it.