Sunday, November 2, 2008

Homecoming was a BLAST for Mommy!

Mommy went to her alma mater, USC yesterday for something she calls Homecoming. Mommy usually calls me to come "home" -- but I don't get homecomings...No, wait, Mommy informs me that I do get treats when I come home -- so I guess that is a Homecoming!

Mommy met all of her USC friends at her school. Here is a picture of Kela, one of my boy's best friends with my Mommy. It was her 30th college reunion (for her undergraduate degree-thingy). They hung out and apparently ate and drank quite a bit before going over to the Coliseum for the game. It rained and even thunderstormed before the game started. Everybody got soaked. So did I, because it rained on me at our house. I had to stay outside but I hid under the bushes so I wouldn't get too wet. So, Mommy told me that the game was a rout -- they beat the Huskies (those DOGS) 56-0. Mommy likes those kinds of games because she can relax and enjoy the game. USC has an expression, "Leave No Doubt." I like that -- I never leave ANY doubt when I bark, poop, pee, and play!!!

Now for the bad news, my sibling, Scruffy, is not feeling well. She is very, very old now. Scruffy is having a hard time with her hips and back legs and now her front paw is hurt. She can't walk and looks so sad. I sleep next to her because if I do, I might make her feel better. Mommy says she is going to take Scruffy to the vet tomorrow. I hope she gets better.

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Dughallmor Beagles said...

Oh, poor Scruffy :o( you take good care of her, young 'un!
Sending Beagle love across the pond xx