Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mommy's Fabulous Weekend in AZ (I stayed home)

So, Mommy got to go on a mini-break. Boo hoo. Scruffy and I had to stay home. SHE got to go to the USC-Arizona game in Tucson while we were stuck in the backyard. Mommy has ALL the fun. She left on Friday morning with some guy -- I didn't get the chance to check him out. Mommy says they are friends. They drove over to Phoenix and picked up another friend -- and partied. I bet that she got a little tipsy, too! In fact, I am sure they all did, knowing they all went to USC together. On Saturday morning they drove to Tucson and then had lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Mommy says she drank margaritas and taught her friends all about good sipping tequila. I've never tried good sipping tequila. Mommy tells me that Don Julio is quite good. They drove over to the game and partied beforehand.

Mommy told me the game was pretty wild. The defense did its job, well. The offense sputtered. I don't know WHAT that means but she told me that the team didn't move the ball well. They should have me on the team -- I can run with the ball like nobody's business!!! Without me, they beat AZ 17-10. With me on the team, it would have been 42-10! Woof! Fight On!!!

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