Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mommy is Going to a Party Next Week and I Can't Go

Mommy has informed me that she is going to a party next Thursday. She is going to meet the man in this photo. Mommy says his real name is James but when I see him inside the box that has the people in it they call him EJ. Go figure. James never has a dog with him in the box but here's a picture that shows he has a dog. So, he can't be all bad. Actually, I'd like to meet her, she's kinda cute. I hear that we go to the same dog park. Who knows, a beagle can dream. I don't know what my girlfriend, Lucy, would say....but what she doesn't know.....WOOF!
When I was very sick Mommy and I watched James' show together. Mommy was very sad, this man, EJ, made her laugh and even giggle. I love it when Mommy laughs. It makes me wag my tail. Back then, I didn't feel too much like wagging my tail. I am just glad that he made my Mommy happy. If I ever meet him, I'll wag my tail for him.



Woof Tommy

We think that you should crash the party, that would be pawsome. Hope your Mom has a lot of fun.

Desert Pups

Hugo said...

Hey Tommy,

Great Bloggie you have here!