Friday, September 26, 2008

The Dream Season Has Died

Mommy came home last night and she was very, very unhappy. Her USC Trojans lost up at Oregon State last night. Mommy gave me lots of hugs. She looked so sad that I licked her face. I brought her toys to cheer her up. Nothing worked. So, I spent the night cuddling her. She woke up feeling a little better. However, the drivel on her show also made her crazy. She keeps calling somebody a strumpet. She is a blonde woman inside the box where people move around. Silly Mommy.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tommy Trojan Says USC wins BIG over Ohio State WOOF!

Oh, Mommy came home so happy on Saturday night. While I was pretty mad that I didn't get to go to the game, she game so many lovely cuddles and rubbed my belly while I danced on the floor!
USC (the Trojans -- that team she likes so much) beat those icky Buckeyes, 35-3. She said it was a total smackdown. I guess that is a good thing!!!!
We spent Sunday pretty quietly -- no dog park but I did get to go on a nice walk. And, Mommy was happy because her Giants won their game, too. All in all a very good week in sports for her.
I sure wish I could go to a game with Mommy. I just know I could help them win the game! I am faster than any running back but I might have a hard time holding on to that football!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I enjoy great literature (please don't tell other male dogs, ok?)

Mommy caught me. I fell asleep reading one of her stories -- and I liked it! It has lots of romance (and I LOVE romance). In fact, I have a sweet Labrador girlfriend named Lucy....but I digress and a gentledog never tells.

I love good books -- sometimes I eat them. That makes Mommy mad at me, so I've learned it's better to read or sleep on them.

Until next time, Fight On!!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I am MOST internet savvy

Mommy sometimes lets me get on her laptop....Today I am checking out a website called, "Forbidden Love." No, it's not a porn site. I am too much of a gentledog to go for THAT sort of thing. No, this site is dedicated to some silly show that Mommy and I watch on the box where people move around and I can bark at them. Mommy is particularly fond of a couple of characters on the show. There's one that I like, too. She is very pretty and has blonde hair. Mommy seems to prefer the tall, dark and handsome fellow on the show. He's got a funny accent but she tells me he likes dogs so I guess he is OK. She has heard that he has a "naughty tongue" and calls him NTB (Naughty tongued Brit). I did bark at him once when he raised his voice to my favorite character. I sit on Mommy's lap and like to watch the show. It's something we do every day.
This week Mommy took me to the Beagle meet up at Laurel Canyon Dog park. We ended up playing with lots of dogs. I had a great time. I even met some dogs that look just like my sibling, Scruffy. We also went to lunch at a nice cafe on Melrose Avenue where they let dogs sit outside. I love to share meals with my Mommy. Although she seems to like this weird stuff, like salads and macrobiotical meals. I don't know WHY humans eat such stupid stuff. A good steak, that's what we need. I got to go window shopping with Mommy, too. I wanted to go in all the stores, but for some reason, Mommy would not let me. Boo hoo.
And, this weekend is the big Ohio State vs. USC game. I have to stay home. I wish I could go!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

May the Voice of Snoopy RIP

It is a sad day for Beagles and Beagle fans everywhere. Bill Melendez, the animator and voice of Snoopy, has passed away.,0,148485.story

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

USC Won its First Game 52-7 and is now #1

I am sitting here next to my Mommy. I would rather be napping but she says I need to update the blog, so here I am...

So here we go... Mommy and her humans are very happy. The Trojans won their first game (quite handily she tells me) against Virginia (wherever THAT is). Mommy took me out to Leslie and Bill's house so I could spend the afternoon cavorting with Lucy and Sam while the humans watched the people in the box run up and down the field with a ball. I don't like that ball because I can't hold it in my mouth!

Of course, I would rather play with my buds -- I have quite the crush on Lucy. She is a wild girl -- just my kind of bitch! I'd really like to spend some "alone" time with Lucy but I am missing vital parts to make labeagles or beagradors....whatever. We do run around the backyard and play pounce. Lucy is my best friend. I wish I could spend everyday with Lucy!

In 2 weeks, Mommy is going to the Ohio State game at someplace called the Coliseum. It's in LA. She is excited about the big game. I guess she's going to get all dressed up in her cardinal and gold....she'll probably make me wear it too. But, I can't go to the game. I sure wish I could!

Until next time, Fight ON!