Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This Beagle is Busy

Boy, Mommy has been busy and I haven't been able to get any posts done this week. She went to the USC game last weekend. Thank DOG that the Trojans won this time. Mommy would have been unbearable had those stupid Ducks won the game. I do not know how ducks can play with a football. Beyond me.
Mommy came home happy -- she got tickets from a friend for the upcoming games -- Arizona State, Washington and Cal. The only game she doesn't have a ticket for is Notre Dame. But, I hope she gets one.

Mommy has been neglecting me. She tells me I need another bath. I do NOT want another bath. She works 2 days a week now as a volunteer for Project Hollywood Cares and Aids Project Los Angeles. So, she says she doesn't have time right now.

The job market is very bad right now and Mommy still hasn't found a job. She is trying to keep her spirits up. It's hard for her. She likes to be busy and when she isn't -- she gets sad. However, I try very hard to keep her happy by giving her lots and lots of cuddles. I think she likes it.

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