Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Woo hoo -- my very first earthquake!

Well, that was fun! I was resting comfortably next to my Mommy on her bed today. She was working on something she calls her laptop. All of a sudden, the whole bed moved like some big labrador jumped up on the bed. But it wasn't! Mommy said it's an earthquake! She held me close by her while everything shook. I wasn't scared, but I did bark.

Scruffy, Zeta the Wonder Dog, and I are all OK. Oh, the cats are OK, too.

Sam and Lucy

I miss Sam and Lucy, my two Lab buddies. They live with Mommy's friends, Bill and Leslie. Mommy left me Sunday night to go visit them. Mommy tells me that Leslie is going to have something called a baby. And she is going to have it today.

So, Mommy left me all alone with Scruffy and Zeta the Wonder Dog on Sunday evening. She made us dinner and then said she was going to go make dinner for Bill, Leslie, Sam and Lucy. When she came home, she smelled so good! I could smell Sam and Lucy and got very excited. Mommy made me calm down. I guess she is still worried about me and my stitches.

In other good news, Mommy is FINALLY letting me up on her bed again. This is good because I miss cuddling with her. Mommy has been very silly, making me stay in my crate. I don't like it and I want to be social. Because we beagles are very social.

I can't wait to start taking long walks again. I miss them.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I went to see Dr. B today...

Mommy took me back to the hospital today for something called a check-up. I got to see a lot of doctors because they all think I am so cute. The nurse took my picture, too.

Dr. B told Mommy that my surgery was pretty difficult and that he had to do a lot of something called reconstruction. He was very worried about infection, but I am a strong beagle and I didn't get more sick.

Dr. B also told Mommy that I can go back to regular dog food which means I don't get poached chicken and rice anymore. Bummer. I liked it alot. He told her that I should only get a cup of food a day -- and that's NOT enough! Oh, and one more thing, Mommy has to give me benedryl for my itching. She bought some children's flavored cherry and it is YUCKY.

And, really bad news, I have to stay in my crate and be quiet for another two whole weeks. So, no going out to play with my friends or visiting the beach, or hiking in the mountains. I am NOT happy.

I go back to the doctor next week to get out the staples. Yippee!

Well, Mommy certainly acts happier now. I could tell she was really upset and worried about me.

That's it for today.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Dog's Life - the Story of George Tirebiter aka Snoopy

I want to tell you a nice story about my humans. This happened right before I got sick.

One night, these people, Mommy calls them neighbors, left a dog in the house. Yes, they opened the door and let this dog in! Mommy was out and the rest of the humans were upstairs. So, this dog, whom we didn't know, took up residence in the house. The humans discovered the dog a couple of hours later, sleeping on Polly's bed.

It was a big surprise for Zeeta, Scruffy and me. We had a new friend to play with! Mommy named him George Tirebiter since the dog had no tag. He had a nice leather collar, so we knew he had his own humans. Anyway, Mommy took a liking to "George" right away. She could tell he was trained because he knew his commands, just like me.

Mommy named him George Tirebiter because that's another USC mascot. That Mommy. She is silly about her USC Trojans.

Zeeta, Scruffy, and I were quite happy to let "George" stay with us however Mommy was sure he had his own home. So, they put up these things called signs all over, even advertised on the computer (Mommy calls it the "web.") But, no one came by for us to bark at.

Mommy suggested that we take the dog to the vet and check whether it was "chipped." Mommy says that I have one because I like to go on "walkabouts." I think they are runabouts, myself. Anyway, they took "George" to the vet (poor guy). When they arrived the humans knew exactly who he was and called him Snoopy! (Hey, isn't that a famous beagle?)

The story has a happy ending for the humans. Snoopy was reunited with his humans, 2 boys, aged 9 and 7 and a couple of grownups. We miss Snoopy but we are glad that he is home now.

Here's a picture of Snoopy.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I am getting better!

I am starting to feel like myself again. I am giving Mommy all kinds of trouble! First of all, she is NOT giving me enough food. I don't care if she is right. I am HUNGRY. And, I really like hamburger and rice. It's better than chicken and rice.

Mommy also makes me stay in my crate and be quiet. I bark and cry at her because I want OUT. The weather is nice and I want to take a long walk but she won't let me.

Mommy actually quoted EJ today, she said, "boo hoo" to me. That Mommy, I hope she doesn't turn into evil EJ. I like her better when she spoils me.

Oh, and Mommy went to the doctor yesterday. She didn't want to scare me but she found a lump in one of those nice pillows on her chest. Mommy told me she found it after she tripped on a tree trunk and bruised her pillow. It turns out it's something called a hematoma. I am glad she doesn't have to have an operationally-thingy like I did.

Mommy told me that I go to the doctor on Thursday morning for a check up. I really hope I can get out and play after that. I miss running around! And, I want more FOOD.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

July 21, 2008

Well, I have to tell you, Mommy has been terrific these past few days. She makes me poached chicken and rice and she hand feeds me 3 times a day....and get this, I get peanut butter 3 times a day on a spoon, no less! (I think she puts some yucky pills in the peanut butter, but I don't mind.)

That being said, I have to stay in my crate most of the time and I do not like it very much. I want to run around and play but Mommy won't let me. I have these staples that go all the way down my tummy. I want to scratch them soooooo much....I guess that's why I wear this silly lampshade on my head.

Mommy gets to drink scotch -- she should have the lampshade, not me.

Scruffy has been horrible to me. She wants my peanut butter and she wants my chicken and rice, too. She didn't get an operationally-thingy so she doesn't deserve it. Boo hoo.